Custom URLs Still Not Showing on Website Feed



Just wondering how close you are to fixing the issue of custom shortened URLs all showing up as on the website twitter feeds? As I understand this was going to be fixed?

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Which website? I see links being expanded to the display URL on


The feed is in the RH sidebar. The link in the first tweet should be

All tweets with our customer shortner are coming through as


Hey Arne, sorry, I’ve had to put the site back on the holding page (its a client’s site in development).

If there’s any other info I can give you that might help, please let me know.



This is probably because you are just displaying the content of the tweet. You have to use the entities data to replace the links with the display url in entities. However, you still have to be sure to send people to the link.

Explained a little differently:
[display link from entities]


Ah, I see! OK, many thanks for this. I didn’t realise :confused:

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