Custom TWTRTweetTableViewCell Swipe Left Buttons



I would like to implement custom swipe left/swipe right buttons on my UITableView which includes multiple TWTRTweetTableViewCells, beyond the basic backgroundColor and other items Apple makes it easy to change. This includes button height and position. To do this on my own subclassed UITableViewCell I just override layoutSubviews, find the button, and make changes to height (for example). I can’t do this on TWTRTweetTableViewCell. Is there some way I can accomplish this?

The below screenshot illustrates the issue I’m trying to address. On swipe left, the “Info” and “Mute” buttons fill the entire height of the Tweet cell and look terrible as a result. I want to limit the height and center the button on the cell, which, again, I’ve already accomplished on my own custom cells. How can I do this with a TWTRTweetTableViewCell?