Custom Twitter feed no longer working


Hi there

I have a custom twitter feed on my website that I have designed and was working up until recently. Unfortunately there are no tweets appearing as of a couple of weeks ago yet the code remains unchanged.

The code I am currently using is:

If you could please assist me that would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Script:” type=“text/javascript”


This widget will completely cease functioning on May 7th, 2013. We recommend migrating to [node:10248] instead.


Is there a new link that we can use instead of the above? This is required for all the websites that some of us maintain for an easy switch. We shouldn’t be limited to the “Embedded Timelines” tool that you are referring to as it can not be customized to each website’s layout. Please provided an updated link to work the same as the link above did.

Thank you.


Colin is right. “We shouldn’t be limited to the “Embedded Timelines” tool that you are referring to as it can not be customized to each website’s layout.” this is the problem. If we are to continue to use twitter feeds we must be able to customize how the content looks per each website site.

I should add that the “Embedded Timelines” functionality and layout that you are so heavily pushing is horrible for any customization. er, most websites ever designed.

Thank you.


I have used the custom twitter feed on several websites for various clients. The embedded timeline needs the “data-widget-id”, but clients don’t know what this is. Is there anyway of me finding out?


thank you so much…


This is ridiculous. I have designed a number of personal and small-business sites so as to include beautifully custom Twitter feeds, and now all of these have been broken for far too long, now. What am I supposed to tell my clients? That suddenly Twitter won’t let them use a feed unless they buckle down and subject themselves to a terribly contrasting theme against the custom, individually designed websites I have produced for them? That they can just no longer use a custom Twitter app on their website at all anymore? Fix this, Twitter, for there is nothing beneficial about taking a step backwards to influence a greater control over your users. I’ve been a user since the site’s birth. That might just change if things aren’t improved for the better. Let designers easily customize their own Twitter feeds again.



I am having a similar problem but not sure if this applies to my issue exactly. I am hoping someone can help.

This feature is NOT rendering on IE8 and IE9. It appears to work perfectly on Chrome, FIrefox and Safari but IE 8 and 9 are only showing the hyperlink.

I tried downloading the JS widget file and referencing it form my own website locally, but it does not work.

Any suggestions?