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What happens is that our application is in charge of several websites and the data that gets tweeted comes from specific websites. We would like for tweets to say via XWebsite (and link to that specific website) instead of via XApp (and link to a URL which is irrelevant to the users).

From what I can tell at this point, our only solution is to create an application for each website and to get access tokens for each user, for each application, which is a bit over the hand, generating a lot of redundant data (lots of app credentials and associated access tokens and secrets).

So, is there an elegant way to define and use different sources?

Edit: Just realized this section might not be the right one, let me know if it isn’t and I’ll move it to REST

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You are correct that you cannot dynamically alter the source parameter issued with Tweets. This kind of whitelabeling of the source tag isn’t well-served with the way the platform is structured. You are also correct that creating an app for each domain is the only way to accomplish this.

But I would not recommend that approach. Instead, I’d evaluate the worthiness of that source tag and whether it’s really worth all that effort or not. If the URL of the site is really so important in bringing context to the tweet, shouldn’t the URL be part of the tweet itself?


Thanks for the answer, I suppose you have a point.

I’ll have to rethink everything.

Thanks again.