Custom Profile



I did not find much information on how to sign up for the custom profile (besides filling out the form). I do not really understand, I’m working on that for a company of 260.000 employees and it’s been 2/3 weeks without answer …

Does anyone know how to register and why did not I get an answer?

Thank you


I’m going to start building and I need to know if I can integrate the custom profiles into my application. thank you very much


Hello, again. I really need an answer as custom profiles are the reason i’m working on Twitter rest api


I really do not understand why the twitter staff do not answer me. Yet all other posts have an answer, but not mine. Not even an “I do not know”


Unfortunately we’re unable to manage access to individual features like this via the discussion forums. You’ll have to use the support forms. I believe there is limited capacity for approving access to this feature so I’m unable to suggest any time estimate; I’d recommend that you don’t depend on access for now.


Thank you