Custom event class data - Setup Custom Native Network - not available in SDK


Hi, I’m implementing a new custom event class for a custom native network, and my problem is that the data set in the "Custom event class data " is not received in the SDK, when the class is initialized, I only receive the data that is passed in the live item. The problem is that the line item can targets multiple ad units, so i can’t write the custom data in that place.

Here is my setup:

  1. Custom network setup
  2. Line Item
  3. SDK response : {}

If i let the data field, from the line item empty, the SDK will fail to initialize my custom event class.

Do i missed something ?

Thank you,


Hello beniaminduca,

You can enable the network for the ad unit by setting the ecpm value for the network in your respective segment.

Please see our prelaunch documentation on steps to do this.|

Let me know if you have any questions.