Custom banner for android



How to create a custom banner for android?
I need a banner that is always width like the screen and for eight have the dimensione of half screen width. (1x0,5)
the different device screen density give me some problem with the width and height… any help?


Hi @AltIndustries,

Thanks for reaching out! Our banner ad unit is 320x50 in size, so it is expected that it will not fit the width of most screens. While we do not support a format that will automatically fit the width of the screen, you can feel free to use a custom sized ad unit. We recommend using custom sized ad units for direct-serve campaigns only, since the MoPub Marketplace and MoPub certified ad networks will not have demand for custom sizes.



Hi, thanks for reply, maybe you don’t understand me… i want create a custom banner that fill the width of device to serve my campaign, the problem is that android device are tons of different width and mopub ask me the exact custom banner dimension… my question are… there is no a method to create a custom banner adaptable to the device width to serve my custom campaign?


Hi @AltIndustries,

Apologies for any confusion! To clarify, no we do not support ad units that automatically resize to fit the size of the device width.