Custom app not displaying data


Hello i have created a custom app on a wordpress account for a site i am developing and i wanted to show just the last 3 tweets on a custom feed, however it does not display any data? I believe that the code is correct below

<a class=“twitter-timeline” href=“” data-widget-id=“481358692583878656” data-theme=“dark” data-tweet-limit=“3” data-link-color="#FF9900"" data-related=“twitterapi,twitter” data-aria-polite=“assertive” width=“300” height=“500” lang=“EN”>Tweets by @pacoerhard

after playing about with it for while and it not displaying any data I added the original java script back on to another new widget on the same sidebar and it works? but ONLY when the original java script is also on the same sidebar.

Tweets by @pacoerhard

If i remove the additional java twitter feed then the custom feed does not pull any data? Any help appreciated. You can check the following urls, one is working with 2 twitter feeds and one not working with the custom feed only.

Thanks in advance