Custom Adapter & Network type


We’ve create a custom network adapter for the MoPub SDK, and set up the network types for use in a test app on the MoPub’s site. In that test app, we’ve disabled all network types / ad sources except the ones going through the custom adapter we’ve created, including the Marketplace since the test app is not approved (whose icon still shows “play” button as if it was giving ads, but inactive due to be turned off).

Our results with the test app are inconsistent, specifically with the results coming from the MoPub’s servers on where to serve an ad. We’re seeing two different “network types” coming down from MoPub; “custom” and “clear”. When the network type is custom, the MoPub adaptor is successfully redirecting to our custom adaptor, and everything works fine. However the ad network comes back as “clear”, and MoPub SDK says "No ads found for ad unit: "

Our test app is just trying to test our custom network adapter, using only that as an ad source, but this inconsistency of the network type is making it difficult to test. Sometimes every request comes down with “custom” and it works; other times every request comes down as “clear” and the custom adapter is never used.

Is there any insight in to what might be happening here?


Hello Werelord,

The ‘clear’ happens when the network either has no inventory to serve or if the ad unit is still warming up.

In the first situation, the ad network does not have inventory, so no ad is served to the ad unit. This results in no ad.

In the second situation, the ad unit is not propagated to all of our servers and the ad request propagates the ad unit across a number of servers instead of serving an ad. This also results in no ad. This can be resolved by making more requests, keeping the ad unit cached on our servers.

Let me know if you have any questions.



I’m curious as to why this is happening then… We have a custom network set up; every other ad source turned off; shouldn’t MoPub respond solely with that custom network? I don’t think it should be an issue of propagation; the network has been live on our account for weeks, but we’re still seeing ‘clear’ come through…


I should clarify; our custom network does have offers in its inventory; I’m still not sure why MoPub would be responding with “clear”… We’re currently on a phase where MoPub doesn’t respond with the custom network at all again, so our adapter never gets called…


Hello Werelord,

Please contact, so we can troubleshoot your specific issue. Please include your account username and the ad unit that is affected.