Cursoring followers/lookup beyond the 75k ids


I’m not quite sure what I’m going to say, but what I’m seeing so indicates.
The problem is when you cursoring in friends / ids and followers / ids for a user with over 150,000 followers or friends, when I read for the first time their ids, take the first 75 000 = 5000 * 15, when I try to read ids, past the 15-minute time slot, with the last next_cursor I return an empty array and next_cursor = 0.

the question is:
is assumed that this is expected behavior?
if it’s not the expected behavior, is it a bug or a programming error on my part?

thanks for the help

Friends/ids rate limited for larger users

Perhaps you could share the code you’re using and/or the user account you’re looking up?


I’m trying to get the ids of related users (eg id: 196629105 screen: @ hdnegro, with about 400 friends and 585k followers, making a loop with the 11 calls, I get the cursor 2147483647.
I obtained approximately 55,000 ids, and expected to have to obtain even 530,000 ids.

But when I call 15 minutes later, I get all 400 friends again, but 0 followers, returning a cursor of 0, which I can not get the ids that I need 530,000 or 510,000 if I start with 15 calls available.

If this works as expected, would appreciate clarification, otherwise, any help would be welcome


I’m interested in investigating this more, but want to keep whittling down to basics…

Can you detail the 11 API calls you make, and then the 12th that doesn’t function? The exact URLs you’re executing? Thanks.


Good morning, as you told me yesterday, I checked the API calls and I noticed that the field used in my db was overwhelmed by the size of the cursor, so when I read it in the db, the API don’t recognized the cursor, and I guess that the API interpreted it as 0

For the record, these are calls made to the API

Previous calls

And next call

anyway, thank you very much for your attention, and for helping me realize my mistake


I apologize for this discursion because the only problem I had was that the field in which the cursor kept overloaded, I’ve solved changing field capacity

thanks for the help, and for making me realize what was the error, returning, as you say, to basics, reviewing the API calls


I’m really glad you’ve figured this out. Good luck on your application!