Cursor value is valid across authentication tokens?


I am experimenting with pulling all followers of an account which are 140k, so I was not able to fetch them in 15 minutes window. I had done an experiment by using authentication token of two users to fetch all 140k followers in 15 minutes window.
I make first 15 followers/ids.json calls with first user authentication token and rest with second user authentication token and able to fetch all the followers,

getFollowersIds(“isbedu”, “auth-token-user-1”, “auth-token-user-secret-1”, “-1”, 5000)
getFollowersIds(“isbedu”, “auth-token-user-2”, “auth-token-user-secret-2”, “1552663651802066742”, 5000)

now my question is, does cursor value valid across users ( authentication token), means with 2 users we can make more than 15 request in 15 minutes window, is it valid under twitter policies ?


This is specifically against the developer policy - you should not use multiple application or user tokens to attempt to circumvent rate limits. See section II.B of the developer agreement and policy.