"cursor" parameter is not working in twitter friends_list api


I am working with twitter frineds_list API. I am able to get max=200 friends details. To get all the user details we need to use cursor parameter. i have given like this cursor=next_cursor_str which in turn not returning next 200 users list. Why is it happening ?

NOTE : I am passing my account credentials only. I have worked above scenarion to retrieve on of my friend followers details.


I’m unable to reproduce this behaviour with twurl and a combination of count=200 and then cursor=next_cursor_str from the response.

Are you getting any errors in the response? Have you checked the HTTP headers for any error codes?


Yeah I have checked the url well and I am not getting any error. I am
getting response without any error but same first 200 user details


Thank you andy for your quick response. It was working fine now, I have used cursor parameter twice without rechecking the api.