Cursor doesn't work for "statuses/retweeters/ids"



I’m trying to navigate retweeters collection by using the GET statuses/retweeters/ids:

I’ve already read the documentation for Cursoring usage (, but I think I’m missing something.


Request parameters:
{‘cursor’: -1, ‘id’: ‘374623252179472385’}
{u’previous_cursor’: 0, u’previous_cursor_str’: u’0’, u’next_cursor’: 0, u’ids’: [1695703046 … 1418422555], u’next_cursor_str’: u’0’}
(I shortened the “ids” list)

The same happens if cursor is missing.
Since there are lots of retweeters, I expected a “next_cursor” value to iterate the collection.

Can anybody help me?


While this collection supports cursoring, the maximum number of results you can get back from the method is the 100 most recent users who retweeted the tweet. You can use lower count values and cursor through that 100 in multiple pages or you can just use a single request and get that 100, but you can’t move beyond the boundaries of that 100.


Thank you.