Current Streaming API sampling rate?



I am interested in the stream statuses/filter API, however the ratio (how many are returned from the public Tweet volumes) is not consistent. There was an old post by Twitter staff stated that “if the keywords you are tracking account for less than 1% of the firehose, you will receive all the matching Tweets, otherwise you will be capped.”, could anyone verify that’s still the case? From: Diffence between sample and filter streaming API

Meanwhile, on the Twitter website, “Filtered streams return all matching Tweets up to a volume equal to the streaming cap.” without specifying what’s the streaming cap. From:

This adjustment might effect as well: Potential adjustments to Streaming API sample volumes

Also see this observation: Volume drop in streaming API


All of these statements are correct and true. The Streaming API cap is 1% of the current firehose volume, measured within the bounds of the query and also at the moment of capture.