Current state of Twitter API unification


What is the current state of Twitter API unification? The documents on misc Twitter sites seem to be contradictory

The documentation talks about separate REST APIs. I suppose, this refers to the REST API and the Summize search API.
"The public Twitter API currently consists of two discrete REST APIs and a Streaming API."

But then there are descriptions that give the impression that all Twitter APIs are already integrated under the conceptual roof of REST API v1.1.
"To unifying versioning across the platform, version 1.1 also encompasses the Search and Streaming APIs."

So, If (all? some?) APIs are integrated - what is the meaning of ‘discrete’ in the passage above?


So… the only thing that was being unified here is versioning, as in all APIs have a /1.1/ prefix and all unversioned ones are gone as with the all the 1.0 stuff.

I’m not really sure how does this matter, other than the documentation being moved around (search included within rest api docs, etc)


I think you’ve basically got the gist of this.

Once upon a time there was the REST API (for “most” operations); a separate REST-style API for Search (thus two “discrete” APIs); and Streaming.

Since 1.1 everything is basically marked as 1.1 and now we conceptually divide the API and docs between REST (including Search) and Streaming. There’s also the Ads API which is part of the 1.1 scheme of things, but requires whitelisting and intended for a narrower group of users and partners, so we don’t list it directly under the same section of docs as the “main” REST API.

Additionally these days there is also Gnip, which is a commercial offering.

We moved all of the documentation to a newer CMS last year around the time we launched Fabric at Flight (our annual developer event), and have been working since then to tidy up and consolidate a lot of the older docs. The FAQ and “what you need to know” docs certainly still need a lot of love to clarify. Really there shouldn’t be much need to call out the pre-1.1 differences at this stage as 1.1 has been the status quo for several years :smile: