Currency Association




I have a few questions regarding currency and its relationship to campaigns and accounts. Currency is currently returned as part of the Campaign data and not as Account data but according to the Twitter currency docs an account’s currency is set when an account is created. So…

o Is it possible for an account to have associated campaigns which utilize different currencies?
o If currency is related to an Account why is the currency not returned with the Account data but returned with the Campaign data?

Tom Boilard


@tboilard: You’re right that the currency attribute is shown in campaign entities. However, this is dependent upon the funding instrument used. The campaign data will show the currency associated with the funding instrument used to create the campaign. Hope that helps!


Hi @juanshishido,

Thanks for the quick response Juan. Your post helps answer my second question thanks but does not help with the first.

o Is it possible for a single account to have associated campaigns/funding instruments which utilize different currencies?

The reason why I ask is, when rolling up campaign data to an account level, if all campaigns for an account always use the same currency role up does not require currency conversion for each campaign.

Tom Boilard


@tboilard: Yes, it’s possible for a single account to have funding instruments of different currencies.


Thanks @juanshishido