cURL error 'unable to reach host'


i have placed a script on server which pull/push data from twitter.
it worked perfectly upto one month.
now its throwing error ‘unable to reach host’.
i have placed this script on another machine its working fine there.
is it possible twitter have blacklisted my server’s ip?
i can not afford new server every month.


It is possible, but it really depends on what your script was doing and how often - blacklisting is not something that happens for no reason. It’s also more likely to be something that was restricted by API key rather than cutting off a whole host.

Are you able to ping or traceroute from your server to Could there be any other network issue here?


Thanks for response.

regarding script;
it tweets automatically (not more than 6 tweets in a day) on certain time. every tweet is unique.

should i change api key as a workaround? was looking root cause.

yes i can ping from server…