auto-DM feature vs Twitter ToS - seems contradicting?



So I noticed (formerly known as Justunfollow) provide auto DM feature that, as we all know and were advised many times - is against Twitter’s ToS.

Just wanted clarification from Twitter team on this matter.


Hello??? No one, really?


Firstly, we cannot comment on individual apps or developer compliance with ToS and policy here for privacy reasons.

You’re right that we strongly advise against automated DMs per the automation policy.

With any cases that you spot and feel are in violation of the ToS, you may submit a case via the platform support forms (first option) - hopefully you won’t have the same issue you’ve been having with the other options, but, as an aside to this topic, I’ve asked for the team responsible to look into that other issue as promised.


Hello Andy!

But seems like now you allow DMs as long as user give clear indicator/permission:
Quote from :

With express user consent, automation of Direct Messaging is permitted. If your application sends or facilitates automated Direct Messages, users must request or otherwise indicate an intent to send or receive Direct Messages in advance. Authenticating into an app is not sufficient user consent.

In efforts to prevent spam and protect our users from potentially malicious activity, we discourage sending links in the body of an automated Direct Message, and the action may be denied.

Which means, if I have an app that sends auto direct message upon new follower, I only need to receive a clear permission from the user only once which could happen during setting up an account.
Regarding permission from a user to receive a DM - there is no way I can control the receiver of my message or send him some sort of invitation to ask him “Hey, user X is sending you DM, would you like to read it?”.


I would strongly advise you against building these experiences as we have qualitative data that indicates that Twitter users do not welcome them. The language you are referring to in the policy generally supports some customer service type scenarios that we’re working on in beta, not to automated messages for new followers.


100% agree Andy. I found the auto welcome DM message super unusful & often spammy. Most of the users don’t open them, including me.
But not because Direct Message itself is a bad idea - it’s because of the way people use it.


devspeaking, I think what happened is that apps like crowdfireapp have been whitelisted so they are allowed to automate direct messages without being auto flagged by the spam systems. But newer apps (such as ours) which implement the same feature get automatically restricted from write operations. It’s simply a matter of playing favorites IMHO as there’s no formal way to request to have your app reviewed and whitelisted.


I believe they [CrowdfireApp] are big ad spenders that’s why they have special privileges.
Twitter needs ad buyers to run it’s business so they will wave their ToS if you spend enough on ads.

So, this is what is very likely happening right now.


Without commenting on individual apps mentioned here, I can categorically tell you that this is not the case, and all developers and applications are subject to the developer agreement and policy and related rules, regardless of whether the developer is a user of Twitter Ads. Closing this topic.