[Critical Bug] Not receiving Accounty Activity API DM Events on MOBILE Platforms Only


Our bot is currently not receiving any DM events (typing, read receipts, actual DMs) on both the native app for Android and the iOS twitter native app.

Favorite events and tweet_create_events are working ok on mobile.

I can get ALL EVENTS when triggered on twitter.com in Chrome/Firefox/all browsers.

Just got a old event into my logs.

The time twitter says the message was created is 2018-07-27 18:18:48

The time I got it into the webhook is 2018-07-27 18:49

Is there an outage?


Just got another one in – almost an hour behind.

2018-07-27 18:18:52 ==> 2018-07-27 19:10:15

Is this a known issue?


Hey @bobber205 - There is a known issue. You can track it here:

It is also affecting AAAPI as far as I can tell.


Is the Mobile-only issue known as well? Just curious.

I’ve also discovered that tweet_create_events aren’t working at all on both platforms pretty consistently.


How long have you been experiencing the missing tweet_create_events?

I personally wasn’t too close to the management of this bug, but can make sure to get you more details on Monday. Are you still experiencing this irregularity now?


A couple hours after I reported this all seemed to work well. Tweet_create_events was the only event that was missing when initiated on all platforms.Desktop always worked during this outage strangely enough.


That is a curious one.

If you haven’t already, you can use one of the historical APIs to recover any data that you might have missed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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