Cresta Social Share Counter




I noticed in the last couple of days, that after I tweet a blog post link, the count is not reflected on the social share counter I use (Cresta Social Share Counter, version 2.5.1). Today, however, I posted a new link and there is no longer the “bubble circle” over the Twitter box (the circle is what contains the number, even when the count is 0 the circle would still be there).

Here’s the post from today for reference:

Should I be using a new social share counter? I did just update to the latest version and that didn’t seem to fix anything.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Your site is not using the official Twitter share button. You should use the Cresta Social Share Counter WordPress plugin forums for support.

A pinned entry on that forum mentions the count component was removed in plugin version 2.5.1. The plugin was using an unofficial, unsupported Twitter API which was removed on November 20.