Creator tag not relevant to Summary card?


The docs say that the twitter:creator property is not used in Summary cards, only Summary Large Image cards. However,

  1. I don’t see why there would be a difference in relevance for this between Summary and Summary Large Image
  2. the validator does offer the field when Summary is selected

Is the documentation incorrect?



Hi John, the documentation is actually correct; the twitter:creator property is not currently used in summary cards. I’ll inquire with the cards team as I agree this should be available.


Thanks @jbulava – did you hear back from them?


The team is aware of the request and their next step will be evaluating the use of the tag for summary cards and deploying any change. I’m unsure though what their timeframe might be.


If I remember to come back and post to this discussion after any changes, I will!


Can I bump this thread? I feel like my creator tags used to be honored long, long ago (for @The_W at whitelisted but this certainly explains why, if I correctly interpret the output from the validator, the tag is apparently read and recognized BUT not displayed on the resultant card.

Should I make a move to putting together summary_large_image cards instead, or are there still plans to get creator honored on summary cards again?