Creatives image url and line item Id/campaign Id


I’m looking for a way to link creatives image url from a tweet to their line item id, or campaign id. I’ve search through the creatives api and couldn’t find a way to do that; the closest thing I could find was the tweet endpoint accounts/:account_id/scoped_timeline

Is there a way to get a creatives image url to pair with a line item id or campaign id?


@vinhAdcellerant: Could you clarify which URL you’re referring to?

We don’t have a way to filter campaigns (or other entities) based on the media that’s used in the Tweet.


@juanshishido thank you for the clarification; I didn’t know if there was such a thing as a creatives image url off the twitter api; I was just shooting in the dark hoping there would be something like that that links it to a campaign or line item id.

You see we are trying to filter by creatives images paired with their campaign or line item. Your telling me this isn’t possible.