Creative Cards not Displaying images



When making a creative and assigning an image, after it is saved, the image disappears.

When you click the preview it does not show the card nor does it show when you tweet out the card as well.

I’m not sure what, if anything I’m doing wrong.


@FollowNoOneBand: Could you please provide some additional information, such as the type of card you’re trying to create, whether you’ve been able to successfully create these in the past, and, if applicable, when you started noticing this behavior? In addition, please provide an example request and response using twurl. Finally, please provide the card ID for the card that you’re having trouble with. Thanks!


In creatives, it is a website card, using YouTube, Spotify and other platforms that twitter supports natively in tweets.


Rich Hall


@FollowNoOneBand: If this is an issue, try recreating those cards.