Creating Widgets under NEW API


Previously, under v1, we were easily able to show feeds from our advertiser’s Twitter accounts. Under the v1.1, we have to go in to settings and create the widget. Okay, no biggie… we only have about 290 to do. However, as soon as we tried to create #101, we get an error message saying something has gone wrong and it will be fixed.

That was over a week ago.

Is this a limit? If so, haven’t read that anywhere. I don’t want to manipulate the system by creating another account to create more, but support hasn’t offered any help other than “Have you tried our FAQ”, which, YES I have, but so far there’s been no more response from them.

Any thoughts?


We’re investigating why some users receive an error on that page.

If you have that many to create though, you may be better off creating your own solution – using the REST or Streaming APIs to retrieve the tweets that interest your customers then building a display requirement meeting interface to display them.


This latter recommendation seems at odds with the branding-related reasons given for the API v1 retirement.

In the case of a site displaying twitter feeds for hundreds of twitter users on separate pages (e.g. profiles for people who may have twitter accounts), surely Twitter would want an official widget on each of those pages, rather than a hand-rolled solution which would be very much less likely to comply with the display guidelines?

I run such a site, and in my view it should even be possible to programmatically create timeline widgets via an API endpoint, so that developers can create compliant widgets for any given screen name.

While I appreciate Twitter’s push for uniformly branding, I am hugely frustrated by the requirement that these new widgets be created manually: it leaves me with no good choice but to remove all twitter timelines from my site, which I am sure cannot be in Twitter’s interests.


Hi Taylor,

I am also having this problem and am no longer able to create widgets for the rest of my company’s websites (205 at the moment). I will shortly need to create a separate account in order to create the rest of the widgets required. Unfortunately we do not have spare capacity in our development team to look into creating our own solution at the moment. Is there any resolution for this problem?


Completely agree Steve. Very odd and furthermore simply unfriendly to a lot of users who just want to show their tweets on their pages around the web. The absence of a widget API is very strange to say the least.


See [node:18411] for a solution to this problem.


Nice that you hear customers but I while search queries cannot be reconfigured this is not a solution for my customers. They have configured search queries and we only can offer a not official one.


Sylvain, is it possible to include in the timeline both what’s tweeted by a handle and what’s tweeted to or about a handle?

For example, in one embedded timeline I’d like to include all tweets from @jeffgreen AND any mention of @jeffgreen.

Can that be done?