Creating Twitter-like application for non-mobile platform



Is there a written Twitter policy about creating a Twitter-like app for a non-mobile (phones/pads) platform like a TV Set top box/Car Dashboard etc? I want to be able to provide most of the features that Twitter provides.

Most of the policies that I see are more focused towards “How to power your app with Twitter” - but what about an app (Twitter-clone) such as one mentioned above? If I want to create such an app -

  1. Can I simply call it “Twitter” with the same logo (of course it will have indications from within the app that it is not official app by Twitter) ?
  2. I would like to maintain the look-n-feel of the original app - where can I find the logos which Twitter uses such as “Home”/“Connect”/“Discover” etc?
  3. Is there some restriction apart from those already mentioned in the UI Guidelines as to how I layout my app - considering that my target display is entirely different?



Creating client applications that replicate the Twitter experience is actively discouraged (read recent blog posts for more contexts).

The terms of service has one particular point you’ll want to keep in mind: Your service should not “replicate, frame, or mirror the Twitter website or its design.” There are plenty of other trademark rules in place that also prevent you from naming your application Twitter.

Overall, I would avoid this area of development.


Ok. Thanks for your comments. I just read through the trademark rules again and it clearly says that I cannot call my app “Twitter” or use the twitter design.

However, In the program requirements I see these line:

  1. Make Twitter more valuable to businesses and solve a need that Twitter does not address
  2. Help bring Twitter to new or underserved markets

My app is not at all competing with the official Twitter app itself - in-fact it is extending Twitter’s reach to Entertainment systems/Automotive systems. Also, we can always create our own unique design and the feature list will be limited (for example - just create new tweet and fetch timelines).

Do you think we can get Twitter Certification with these tweaks (different design) and restrictions (limited features) in our app? Any other suggestions ?


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