Creating Twitter client in Visual Basic 2010


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a desktop client in Visual Basic following this tutorial:

The problem is that when I’m debugging the app won’t authorize with Twitter. I don’t know whether its because the code doesn’t use Oauth??

Any help with my project would be greatly appreciated!


Can i get my acount verified any help would be appricite thanks.


You need to use Oauth for any desktop application that will interact with Twitter. You need to use a library such as TwitterVB2 which allows for that. You can search for TwitterVB2 and perhaps find one. The video shows the pre-Oauth method for Twitter. Good luck


Thanks! managed to find the TwitterVB2 and that’s now working perfect. I’m trying now to get a socket message from a third-party app to appear in a text box in my client and auto post to Twitter. Something people haven’t tried as I can’t find any tutorials on the web and have been trying to paste bits and pieces together with no joy.


Where did you get the twitterVB2.dll ?


Hi, I´m a spanish student and I’m starting to create an application.
I would like to know if i can make simultaneous calls to Streaming API with the same user. For example:


I want to do it with different requests but I don’t know if it is possible. I try to test it in my browser but I don’t know what user and pass I have to write.

Can anyone help me?