Creating Lists


Not sure if this is in the right area, if not, please move it.
The 140 character limit is VERY limiting, as I’m sure you’ve heard heard countless times (And seem intent on not changing). What I’d like to see as a way around that are lists. Put different people in different lists. For instance, the message I tweeted, “@rsarver @jasoncosta @froginthevalley @kurrik Is there anyway to actually make a suggestion to Twitter that’s more than 140 characters?” What if I could create a list called Twitter (This is just for an example) and put all 4 of those people in the list. Then when I want to tweet all of them, instead of typing out all 4 user names (And using precious character space), I could simply do something like: “*Twitter” which would tell Twitter to tweet that to everybody in the group I’ve created labeled Twitter. Lists for Family, Friends, Co-Workers. There are seriously times when I want to tweet like 30 different people. I run out of space for my message before I’ve even finished putting their user names in.