Creating line items with objective WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS



My question has to do with creating line items with “WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS” as the objective (not optimization). After creating a campaign through the ads api, I make a POST request to with the following fields:

'product_type': 'PROMOTED_TWEETS',
'placements': 'ALL_ON_TWITTER',

and the error response I get says:

'attribute': 'objective',
'message': 'LineItem with objective WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS requires placement ALL_OFF_TWITTER',
'code': 'INVALID'


'attribute': 'objective',
'message': 'Saving value WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS to field OBJECTIVE requires one of these account features: WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS',
'code': u'INVALID'

When I change the placement to ALL_OFF_TWITTER, I get the response:

'parameter': 'placements'

The account id I am using is 18ce53vkjrr.
So my main questions are:

  1. What additional account features are required to create line items with “WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS” as the objective and how can we see if we have these account features? This seems to be different from the “OPTIMIZED_WEBSITE_CONVERSION” feature, which is required for setting optimization to “WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS”.
  2. Is the invalid placements error a bug?
  3. What is the difference between a line item with objective=website_clicks and optimization=website_conversions vs a line item with objective=website_conversion?

Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks!


Thanks for the question, @andersenyang. The WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS objective is currently in a closed beta. Your account ID is not whitelisted.

In terms of the placement value, you are right, this is not a helpful error message. What’s needed there is placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER,PUBLISHER_NETWORK. Here is part of an example request:

$ twurl -X POST -H "/1/accounts/{account_id}/line_items?objective=WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS&placements=ALL_ON_TWITTER,PUBLISHER_NETWORK&{...}"

We’ll work on getting you clarification for question 3. Just wanted to provide some quick answers right away.


Hey @andersenyang,

To answer your third question, the difference between WEBSITE_CLICKS and WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS is as follows. With the WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS objective type, a primary_web_event_tag must be present in order to track actual clicks to conversions. With a WEBSITE_CLICKS objective type, only link clicks will be tracked (and not conversions). Check out our Objective-based campaigns page for more details. These two types of objectives are also optimized differently, as well.

Hope that answers your question!