Creating embed timelines on


I am trying to create an embed timeline on but I keep getting this error
"Sorry, we can’t create an embed for that. It may have been deleted or made private. Please try again."

is there something I am doing wrong?


Are you able to provide the link that you’re trying to create an embed for, please? Is it to a protected account?



That’s odd - just tried pasting that into and selecting an embedded timeline and it seems to work for me. Do you see that error when you’re setting up the timeline on, or when you embed the content on your own site?


I get the error while setting up on

See image below.


Thanks. That’s really odd, because I cannot reproduce the issue. Are you sure that you’re not accidentally pasting any extra characters into the URL box?


I have just changed from a windows machine to a mac and it works. I’m not sure why it’s not working on windows, I am using Chrome


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