Creating Chrome Plugin using Twitter API


This may be a “beginners” question but any help would be much appreciated.

I am a current computer science. For one of our school projects we need to create a project using Twitter and Twitter API. Our original idea is to create a google chrome plugin for the Twitter web application. What this plugin would do is, after logging in to your own Twitter account, when you click on someone else’s page, it would display any history between each other like tweets you tagged each other in. Is there any pages that you could give me for guidance to help make this possible? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your time


Hi there, we have a number of Chrome extensions available in our samples gallery which may be of interest. I think the difficult part for you would be building the history of Tweet interactions, where you’d need to continuously be checking to see where a user has been mentioned. You could also use the Search API to achieve this, but you’d probably have rate limiting issues (and client-side Javascript is not an ideal way of dealing with Twitter’s OAuth requirement).


For our project we don’t necessarily have to use a chrome extension. So my question for you is there possibly a better way to do this? Could we just add it to the Twitter webpage itself? And if so, a reference or guidance would be great. Thanks


I think you’d still need to do the actual work of figuring out the other Tweets that were related. An extension would be the only way I can think of to modify the website look-and-feel to incorporate the data you’d like to add. The plugins on our samples repository might give you some ideas anyway.