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We have been creating cards in sandbox mode when setting up a new campaign. It returns a preview URL, but when trying to access it, it shows a message saying that the page doesn’t exist. Here is an example:

Do we need to be doing anything else here to be able to preview?


Hi @Gardee32. I believe that cards created in Sandbox mode are not available for preview at their URL. Twitter is returning the card’s “URL” in order to see how it will look like when in production, but it’s not actually accessible on the twitter website.


@Gardee32 @majoritasdev is correct here. Sandbox uses an entirely different persistence back-end so the items created there are not available in production.

The Sandbox is great place to run integration tests and ensure you can work with the APIs effectively, but for some things (namely stats and Twitter-hosted creative content) it’s not feasible to work with them in that environment.

You can create and preview the cards in production and use the GET /tweet/preview endpoint to see what it a given tweet or tweet with a card included would look like on multiple Twitter client platforms.

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