Creating an application for a .technology url


Hi. When I attempt to create a new app for, the form fails saying “Validation failed: Not a valid URL format”.

The url is certainly valid in terms of pointing to a live server currently running without issues, and I can’t find the rule or policy regarding the new tlds such as .technology, but does this mean that I can’t use them in new apps, or does Twitter need to update its validation scripts to reflect these new tlds?

Request to update the twitter-text library

Can someone from Twitter please respond to this post?

I represent the domain name registry operating .TECHNOLOGY and nearly 200 other New gTLDs. With over 6M Internet users leveraging New gTLDs, and counting, it is important to get this right.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


This post was from 18 months ago. I can confirm that the interface does indeed support newer gTLDs such as .technology (I’ve just created one myself), and the twitter-text library which encompasses much of our URL parsing on the platform supports them as well, and is syned with IANA when necessary (see here for the code). Thanks.