Creating an app - error message


I am trying to make an app but I am given the error message that I need to have a phone number in my profile. But - I do have a phone number and it has been confirmed. Carrier is Verizon, location NY. I can’t get past that point. So frustrated.


I’m having this problem today too. I added my phone number and got the confirmation email. Tried again and still got that phone number error message. I waited another 30 mins (thinking it might be a latency issue) and it still doesn’t work! What’s going on?


This is still happening and its been 6+ hours now. When will this be resolved?


Under investigation.


This finally worked for me today (24 hours later). Whatever was wrong yesterday got fixed apparently.


For me I am still getting the same error message.


I added my phone number and I still can’t create apps. I contacted supported and waited all day, no replies and still getting the error.


again this morning. same news. i really want to make an app.


We are currently looking into this issue, apologies for the inconvenience.


Thats all we hear for 2 days, looking … Come on guys, how long before we should return to crack on with Twitter projects? Next week. August. ANy idea of when this will be resolved. Going towards third day now …


Thanks for the efforts.


Hello Andy Piper … still looking? How about updating the users that are pulling their hair out because Twitter can’t be asked to work with their own community


We are experiencing the same problem: we can’t create an app. Error message says we need to provide a phone number, but it is already added to the account. @andypiper, thanks for looking into it and please let us know how can we create an app as soon as possible.


There is very little official ‘‘support’’ here. No one answers and official @Support also ignores any attempts to get an update. Very poor


I had a different Twitter account with the same phone number. It was a while ago. The phone number was removed from that account and added to the one for which I want to make an app. Maybe that helps?


Hi @madenza_mail, these forums are a discussion area for the Twitter Platform and APIs - not a 24x7 support facility (that is provided for user features via They are also intended as a peer discussion and ideas-sharing community.

I do appreciate that this issue has caused a lot of frustration and we have been doing our best to look into it over a weekend.


Thanks Andy. As I said on twitter as well, it is about communication. Post a sticky & tell the community what is happening and there won’t be unhappy users. Peer discussions are great, but the issue lies with Twitter, not anything a peer can offer as a remedy. Regardless, I believe you are about to update forums with where the solution is at currently, so will be patient for this update.

Sincerely thanks


Hi everyone - apologies for this issue - I’ve just posted an update on the Announcements forum.


That it is being addressed is satisfying.


I just followed the instructions to report the problem as per the above announcement and got an email back basically saying “use the correct form” (headbang)