Creating an account on behalf of an organization


Hi, I created an account on behalf of an organization. Can I delete the account or create a personal account?


Hi @duyguphillips Thanks for your question, unfortunately switching between a personal and organization account isn’t possible at this time, apologies for the inconvenience here. I’ve passed this along to my product team.

If you’d like to transfer app ownership from your user to another user, you can do so with this form:


I am an academic researcher, and created the account on behalf of my organization.
I am an administrator in the account, can I collect the data?
Also, can I use the data to publish in an academic journal?


Hi, I would appreciate if you could get back to me. Thank you


Sure, you should still be able to use the app you registered no matter what kind of account you have. It works the exact same way (Consumer Key & Secret + Access Token & Secret is what you’ll need, doesn’t matter what kind of account owns them)

As for publishing in journals: Generally there are some restrictions:

Otherwise you’re free to publish - but for datasets, you can only publish tweet / user IDs.


Thank you for your reply.
Do I have to be a developer to collect data or can I collect data as an administrator?
What do you mean by: Otherwise you’re free to publish - but for datasets, you can only publish tweet / user IDs?


I’m not sure about the different user roles, but as long as you have access to and can create an app, you can generate your keys (under Keys& Settings for your app) and that’s usually all you need to issue API requests to collect data.

By free to publish, i mean - you can research or collect anything public on twitter, but if you share data with others - it has to be in the form of Tweet IDs or User IDs only, for example:

For more on the data there’s a detailed writeup on the Social Feed Manager Tool documentation here:

And another good article on developer terms of use and how they interact with research / archiving

Hope that helps!