Creating accounts on the sandbox


Hello hello,

We’re developing a test suite for an app that uses the ads API to create and manage campaigns, via the sandbox, but we hit a snag when trying to create a second account logged in as our test user. We still have the default sandbox account ready and useable, but any attempts to use the post /1/accounts/ endpoint to create an extra account will result in this:

Exception: #<TwitterAds::ServerError:0x75610680 code=500 details="[{:code=>"INTERNAL_ERROR", :message=>"Internal Error"}]">

Not sure what we’re doing wrong, but even passing the same params (just a name, really) as the ones used on the docs’ example, we still get the same error. Any thoughts on what’s wrong, and if this is something fixable on our end?

Thanks in advance!


Can you confirm that you are hitting instead of Otherwise, it would be great if you can post a twurl repro so that I can be sure I am reproing it the same way you are.





Yes, I can confirm I’m hitting ads-api-sandbox - if I hit the regular ads api domain, I get a METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED status error.

I can repro the problem by authorizing twurl using the account’s username and password and our app’s token and secret, and then running:
twurl -X POST -H "" /1/accounts
which, as always, results in
{"errors":[{"code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","message":"Internal Error"}],"request":{"params":{}}}

Any clue to what we’re doing wrong?


I have the same problem. :confused:


This is definitely a strange one, I’m trying to think of what might be wrong but here are some things to try:

  1. update the twurl version
  2. try checking shell environment like ruby version
  3. try from a diff machine / OS (I know it’s a pain to request to do this)
  4. try using twurl to hit REST API
  5. try a different endpoint than just /accounts, or try putting it in quotes

The exact command you did works for me, so it is either environment or app/authorization related:

twurl -X POST -H “” /1/accounts
{“data_type”:“account”,“data”:{“name”:“Sandbox account for @JBabichJapan”,"t…