Creating a widget ID for wordpress to display own twitter feed



I am trying to create a widget ID to be used in a wordpress sight but everytime I create it it is showing tweets by other twitter feeds rather than the one from the website. Any ideas?


If you are using our Wordpress plugin you can embed timelines without using a widget ID. Are you able to share a link where something is not working as expected?


I’m using the jetpack twitter timeline that allows the twitter feed to be
added as a widget.


Well, it does show you where you’d go to create the widget in the help text in that page. The only type of widget that uses an ID at this point is a search timeline. For all of the other types of embedded timeline, unfortunately that method is no longer supported so the Jetpack plugin will need to be updated. You’re welcome to use our plugin instead, if you’re able to install it, or use the embed code generated from


Twitter recently removed its widget ID requirement for embedded user timelines displayed on your site. Upgrade your Jetpack plugin to version 4.1 or newer for compatibility with the latest changes to embedded timelines.

The screenshot below shows the widget configuration interface in Jetpack 4.1.1 with the Widget Type selector where the widget ID input previously appeared.


Thanks Niall, i will look into this

Audrey :slight_smile:


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