Creating a Twitter Booth - spam/account problems


A part of a technical request from our university, we were asked if we could create a ‘Selfie Station’ but in reality we realised that they wanted a Twitter booth.
So one of my team with RPi experience and found 2 codes, 1 for activating tweets with the Pi with a RPi camera image inserted and another code for activating this code from hardware input ( a big blue arcade button).
All appears to work correctly - sending out the a specific hashtag for a forthcoming event correctly with the image - but now that it has been tested for a few days online with our group we have noticed that any account we use for the tweets is blocked or banned for ‘spam’.
The other account we use for our public displays across our big events
We understand this could be of course because it potentially sending a few 100 tweets out a day , with the same sentence and hashtag and an image. Is this correct?
We need to be able to tweet out the image and an event hashtag from our account , so the owner of event’s twitter account can see them too.

Can anyone suggest a solution to preventing this being blocks or supsended please?

We had thought we might have to just alter the sentence tweeted, would a slight variance in the tweet prevent the ‘spam’ classification?

We also though maybe just embedding the image with a graphical hashtag over it and no sentence in the tweet would help, this account could then be followed by the event organiser who could then retweet manually or receive the images automatically?

As mentioned we are at a bit of a loss and I am really hoping for any advice here, since one of my team has spent many hours getting all the code, RPi and hardware working , I would hate for this to be a waste of time so close to the finish line.


Chris Finnigan