Creating a new widget


When I try and create a new widget I get the following message “Unable to save your widget, please check your inputs” my url is Is the widget not compatible with blogger?


try it without the http://www.
in your case, in the domain box, try to enter:
It worked for me.


I am not able to create a timeline widget, getting input errors. I have tried many things and checked for answers but none there. Tried domain without http, changed options, etc… no luck, can you help?
Thank you,


Thank you Kevin - it worked!


Please try without http:// and after domain name not use " / "…


I’m trying to create a twitter widget and I too get the “Unable to save your widget, please check your inputs” response. I’ve tried what you all have mentioned above in this feed, and it still is giving me the message. Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated!

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