Creating a new APP_INSTALLS campaign through the api - cannot edit in the Twitter Ads dashboard because of "Specify app first to promote it in Tweets" message


I created a new promoted tweets campaign with a single line item. The objective of the line item is APP_INSTALLS. I attached targeting criteria and promoted tweets to this line item.
Now when I edit the campaign through the Twitter Ads dashboard the creatives section is disabled with a message: “Specify app first to promote it in Tweets”.
Did I miss something during the campaign creation? Is this normal behavior? What should I do if I need to be able to edit the new campaign in Twitter Ads?


Looking into the flow of the Twitter dashboard, it seems that when creating a new campaign in Twitter ads, the selected app id list is saved in some backend server (macaw?) and whenever this campaign is loaded the app list is retrieved and it is possible to edit the creatives.
But when created from the ads api, no such app list is associated with the campaign, and as a consequence when the campaign is loaded in Twitter Ads, the app list retrieved is empty and it is not possible to edit the creatives.
Is that right?


@tomComprendi just to make sure I understand the issue clearly, can you provide a list of steps to help reproduce the issue?


@tomComprendi if I understand your issue correctly - you can’t really associate an APP with a campaign via the Ads API. You can only associate an APP ID to the Card that you are trying to promote in a tweet. Then you take that tweet and promote it in your line item and campaign. That’s the procedure to promote an app through the Ads API.


@brandonmblack thanks for replying! It is pretty straight forward to reproduce:

  1. through the api create a new campaign
  2. through the api add a single line item with app_installs objective
  3. in the twitter dash go and edit the new campaign and try to edit the creatives. it should be disabled.
    please let me know if there’s anything else i can assist you with.


@msbukkuri you understand it correctly. I thought it would be possible to edit these campaigns on the twitter dashboard even though they were created from the api (it works the other way around). Is there a way to create a campaign through the api which will allow me to edit it from both the api and the dashboard? if not is this something that could be fixed or are you guys trying to separate the api and dashboard campaigns by design?
I appreciate your help.


This looks like a potential bug, so we are raising this internally to try and get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!


Cool. Thanks.


Hey everyone,

Just a follow-up on this - there is no easy / straight-forward fix to this issue from a first glance unfortunately. We will keep looking at this and try to prioritize it accordingly, but it’s not likely to be resolved in the short term.

Again, thanks for your patience.



Meet the same problem recently. Is this bug fixed @andrs or any other solutions when trying to edit in twitter ads dashboard?




I encountered the same problem too. At first I suspect my campaign created by the Ads API is not associated with my mobile APP. Especially comparing the spec in campaign exported from Ads editor between the Ads API created campaign and the Twitter UI created campaign, I found the Ads API created campaign’s “APPs” column is empty but the Twitter Ads dashboard created campaign is not.

So I spent numerous times trying to figure out how to associate Ad Group with my mobile APP. Finally I see @msbukkuri 's reply: “You can only associate an APP ID to the Card that you are trying to promote in a tweet.”, thank you for that. But here the problem still exist: we could not confirm whether the campaigns are correct created via Ads API by checking Twitter UI. @andrs if there is any progress on that, pls let us know, thank you very much.