created_at format



Using the Search API to obtain tweet from a certain topic I get the created_at field with this format

createdAt":1242254021000 instead of getting something like this Wed, 09 Feb 2011 02:44:36 +0000.

Can someone explain why is this happening?.

thanks !!


Can you provide an example query/REST API URL that yielded that response? This would be pretty untypical for the search API to return.


the thing is that I am using MuleStudio ESB because it has to be used in the class project that Im doing.
Mule already has twitterConnector and when i use the Search Option it gives me this date format.
Could it be because of the connector that Mule has for twitter?
Another way it would be to do a script in Java and use it on Mule instead of using the connector.

Thank you


I would definitely look at what the connector is doing – it sounds like it might be consuming the string datetime we send and convert it to epoch time for you instead.