Created a Read and Write Application but Showing as Read Only


So I created an application, set it up as Read and Write only etc and it is showing in as Read and Write only.

I then connect to this application from a Twitter account and it shows permissions as Read Only.



Did you regenerate the tokens after changing the permissions? The previous tokens before the permissions were changed and saved would have been set as read-only (the initial state of the app). You should regenerate the keys after saving the permission change, and then re-authenticate.


The permissions have never been changed.

The app was setup as Read & Write but when connected it shows Read Only on Twitter.

That’s what the issue is!


In that case it was probably write-restricted (although I would expect that to be visible to you in the apps dashboard) - you should check to see if you’ve received any email from our platform operations team regarding application policies, and if not, raise a ticket with the via our platform support forms. We can’t help with individual app IDs here for privacy reasons.


It’s a brand new app? Surely it should say somewhere if this is the case (which it doesn’t).


Yes, I’d agree with you there. Are you absolutely sure you’re using the correct tokens for that app?


Yeah all definitely correct. Have checked, double checked, triple checked everything. Am just so confused…