Create Sandbox API account


Hello, I am trying to create a test sandbox api in Twitter ads API using this command
POST But it is returning FORBIDDEN 403 error. How to add it properly?
The full error showing like {“errors”:[{“code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION”,“message”:“The client application making this request does not have access to this API”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}.
I have applied for access yesterday in and provided there an app id that I created in my personal twitter account that is almost 4 years old. please guide me whether these steps are correct and please explain what is the reason for getting above error?


@prabrishadev: What is your app ID?


Thank you for your response. My App ID is 13630674.


@prabrishadev: Your app has not been granted Ads API access yet. It takes the team time to go through the applications. Thank you for your patience.


Ok.I will wait for the access.Thank you for your help.


@prabrishadev: Looks like you’re all set!


I also have similar issue and App id is - 13481082 . Could you please help with the same.


Hello, I had a problem of permission and it took about 15 days to get api access. Now its working fine.



We are trying to create a sandbox account and we keep getting the UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION message.
Our application has been approved for Twitter Ads API.
Can you please help us? Our app ID is: 14335442


@MediaScapeIE: Thanks for using an existing thread. Are you able to retrieve sandbox accounts? For example:

$ twurl -H "/2/accounts"

Note that we’re working through some sandbox creation issues. See this thread for more information.


@juanshishido Thank you for your reply.

We have tested two calls.

First call:

$ twurl -H "/2/accounts"



Second call:

$ twurl -X POST -H "/2/accounts"


{"errors":[{"code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","message":"Internal Error"}],"request":{"params":{}}}

FYI our new Twitter account is ineligible to use the Twitter Ads program, therefore we cannot test Ads API calls outside sandbox.

Hope you can find a solution for us.
Thank you.


Hey @MediaScapeIE

This is highly unusual and my guess is that it could be an intermittent error. Can you try creating a sandbox account once more and let us know if that works? We’ve verified your access and everything looks good on our end.



Hey @imit8me

We did another test and everything is working just fine.

Thanks for your help.


Hey In order to get sandbox api access do we need to get twitter-ads api access ? Or we can use the sandbox api even before we get the access


Hi @architdwivedi0! I would say you need Ads API access to use the sandbox environment .