Create New App Form Is Returning A 404 On Submit


I cannot create a new app. The form at /app/new displays, but nothing happens when I click the “Create your Twitter application” button. If I look at the Firefox console I get the following error upon clicking that button:

[02:28:09.055] GET [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 189ms]

This issue was first discovered at 8PM pacific today (Monday, May 20), and continues over 6 hours later.

Further investigation shows that this location is set in the callback in the script at:

This is the last script in the list of scripts in the head portion of the HTML. Perhaps either the URL is incorrect, or something has gone wrong with the script at /ajax/get/csrf-token. This trigger is defined in the function “Drupal.behaviors.security_form” on line 33. Lines 31-33 look like this:

 if ($input.val() === 'callback') {
            // the url to the callback - set on page load
            var callback = '/ajax/get/csrf-token';