Create my Oauth Access Token in My Application Settings Not Working


I created a Twitter application for our account AdverseEvent which I ultimately want to use with the Wordpress plugin ‘Tweet This’ which is used by Time Magazine and over 100,000 Wordpress blogs, so I feel the stock php code for OAuth is solid.

I have clicked the ‘Create my Access Token’ in the My Application settings several times in about 6 hours, it says it will take several moments. The token never appears under the OAuth settings tab and these links on the main page produce following results:

Request token URL - Failed to validate oauth signature and token

Authorize URL - ‘There is no request token for this page…’

Access token URL - Blank page

Furthermore, this remains even after I click it:
Your access token

‘It looks like you haven’t authorized this application for your own Twitter account yet. For your convenience, we give you the opportunity to create your OAuth access token here, so you can start signing your requests right away. The access token generated will reflect your application’s current permission level.’

Do I seriously need to implement OAuth on my domain just to post a tweet via wordpress, the learning curve for OAuth is enormous and this should be simple in my mind.

Thanks for your help!



I’m having the exact same issue. Currently trying to get my OAuth token for my application, but it performs the page load without an error, but no auth token shows up on the form.


Same problem! No access token showing up. Did the person who clicks the “OK” button at Twitter go on vacation or something? This should be automated. lol


Same issue here. Hope someone can answer it soon.


Good to know I’m not going crazy. I’ve been clicking it all day and nothing shows up.


Mine finally did, about ten minutes after I left my comment. Not sure what I did, if anything.


Would be nice if this would work faster… Now I know I’ve been wasting time the past hour and I should just try again tomorrow.




same problem…anyone help


Same issue but with the message: “Making the request failed (couldn’t connect to server)”


We’re working to resolve this issue.



why error?


pages not downloading correctly last two days on three browsers!


Doesn’t seem to be working again, by the looks of it


Confirmed :frowning:


not working!!
Seems like nothing is working. Can’t even delete the app.


SERVES NO BUTTON “ACCESS TOKEN” does not shed any data, any solution?


Getting response code 411 when making the calls


Having the same issue. I’m clicking on the Create my Acces token button and it says its been created and will take a few moments to show up, but it never does. How long is a moment?


Whew!!! Thought I was crazy. I want the last hour of my life back.