Create Line Item return INVALID_PARAMETER error



I’m trying to create new line item to my existing ads campaign. But it gives INVALID_PARAMETER exception. I used following Url to create line items. 5000&objective=TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS

when I use this with twurl, It doesn’t throw error. but line item not created.

any idea ?


@Spotdirect_dev: Thanks for your question and for providing the request using twurl.

The following error

  "errors": [
      "code": "INVALID_PARAMETER",
      "message": "Expected Long, got \" 5000\" for bid_amount_local_micro",
      "parameter": "bid_amount_local_micro"

is due to the fact that there is a space after the equals sign.

The reason a line item isn’t being created is that it’s not being sent as a POST request. Add the following (after removing the space) to your request and it should work: -X POST.

Hope this helps!


Thank you juanshishido. It’s works fine now


That’s great to hear, @Spotdirect_dev. If you have other questions, we’re here to help!