Create KDE desktop application - Struggling with the authentication


Im currently designing my own twitter desktop application and struggling with the authentication. I have successfully created a python script that tweets on my own personal account using python-twitter. But I had to jump through hoops to get keys from twitter to login. How do allow average users to login in the GUI without the keys etc. Just username and password?

This may be simple but im just trying to get my head around what is going on with OAuth. Could anybody advise?



In an application on an operating system capable of using the OAuth 1.0A callback-based redirection flow, you must use that approach to authorize a user for an application.

Your sequence would be:

  1. Get the request token from oauth/request_token in the background, setting a custom callback URI scheme for your oauth_callback value
  2. Open a web browser and send the user to oauth/authorize
  3. User is redirected to your custom callback URI
  4. Your application trades the request token for an access token using oauth/access_token


Thanks a lot. This has cleared it up more.