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Hi guys,

this is my first time doing this, I just saw in Twitter a post about one poll but I can`t figure out how they create it, because poll in twitter is very basic. So if one of you know how to do it, I really appreciate your help.

the link is this:


Hi @lewisj125.

What you see on @C8TV’s post is an Ads product called a Conversation Card, which requires whitelisting.
Read more about Convo Cards here

Alternatively, Twitter recently announced the release of Poll Cards in v3 of the Ads API, in which you can create Media Forward Polls (polls with an image/video)

Here’s an example

You can learn more about Poll Cards here


Hi @SamSchmir

Thank you very much for your response.

Just in order to finish this topic, where can I write to require whitelisting for this? beacause I tried in Twitter ads of one of my client and I don’t have this (maybe because of what you said). I sent a tweet to @TwitterSupport but I think they don’t reply anymore.

Kind Regards


To get whitelisted for Conversation Cards, shooting a DM to @TwitterAdsHelp will get you access. As for the Media Forward Polls product, only certain advertisers can be whitelisted at this time.


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