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I am new to this so if there is something already here covering this answer then I apologise. I am trying to create a new widget to then add into my sharepoint site and it looks simple on the links providing me help but when I hit create widget I get 5 options (Profile, Likes, List, Collection and Search) instead of it bringing me onto the new widget section. Help please to get past this?



The documentation you’re reading is outdated.

Our new widget system is powered by, where you can get the embeddable HTML code you’ll need.


Hi Andy,

I am using a post from 2 months ago and even that youtube video appears to just go straight into the configuration page from when you click new widget. Is there a way round this than to publish?

This is what im looking to do but I don’t even get that far…



Yes, we launched more recently than that. Is there a reason why you can’t use that instead? It’s a very simple system.


I need the widget ID to get the twitter feeds onto my sharepoint 2013 online site. I am using the app within sharepoint that shows feeds but I have tried to publish and copy the cope but it isn’t working. It states that it wants the widget ID. Please help?

Thanks, appreciated.


Is there a way for you to embed HTML into your Sharepoint page rather than using that app / plugin? That way you can use the code from directly.

The app will need to be updated to support the new method of embedding Twitter widgets, and that is not something we control, so you’d need to identify and contact the author.


Hi Andy,

I am getting to understand this better but its still very frustrating from my point of view. I can do a search for corgi and then create a widget and it works fine as I get the ID from the code and away I go. I search ElectraLink and no tweets appear so I cannot then create my widget and get my ID. HTML I guess is the only way I need to go!!



I’m sorry for the frustration, I can understand that this must be confusing since this was a recent change.

Yes, the Search widget only provides 7 days of Tweet history, and the @ElectraLink account last Tweeted on Aug 12 - that’s why no Tweets appear. You may prefer the timeline widget, which will look at the whole public @ElectraLink timeline, rather than searching for posts that come from or mention the account (which could end up being NSFW or spammy).


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