Create a new post on twitter from my Website



I am implementing a social website in which we can create post with images,links and text etc.

So now the requirement is to post to multiple social networks ,like facebook,twitter,instagram from my website itself like instagram mobile app doing.I want to perform this from desktop browser.

Is there any way to post to twitter from my website?
I have tried intents ,but its only allowing to post text,not images.Any help will be appreciated.



A Tweet button is the best way to encourage sharing of content from your webpage. A shared link may result in a link preview generated from Twitter Card markup, including an image. A Tweet composer does not support uploading an image on behalf of a user based on an image specified by your site.


@niall : Thanks for the reply.So my conclusion is ,I am not allowed to do a media post (image + text) from my website to twitter without navigating to Twitter site.And i am allowed to tweet with text using Tweet button. And if I want to see my site content on twitter, I must use link sharing.So that it will show text along with one image,And that card will be a link which will redirect to my site.


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