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hi im trying to create a button for my site so that it takes a image and auto posts as a twitter header using api oauth etc but having no luck doing it on my wordpress iste can anyone help please??


What kind of trouble are you having with the [node:11298] method?


would appriciate help thanks


ive been trying to create a button similar to this on this page
i have the button put on my site but im stuck on the code how where to impliment do i need a special plugin for twitter api on site etc, im just so stuck at mo


Hi Twit Header, Im not sure if will help you but on this page you can create a custom twit button.

I will use it on my web page, but it is not what I really need.

I need the “via @My_site” and put a message on it too and what I’m finding is that this solution not support this parameters.



The steps you need to accomplish are:

  1. register an API key
  2. negotiate an access token for the end user by walking them through the oauth process
  3. once you have the access token, actually upload the image on their behalf to account/update_profile_banner

I recommend using tmhOAuth if you’re a PHP programmer, as it handles the OAuth pretty simply.


this is a sad day my php skills are not good :frowning: just want to create a button to auto uplod the image looks like this dream wont happen :frowning:


i have api key, but im clueless with php i just want to create button for update_profile_banner so when click it auto makes the picture on my page their profile picture, i just have no clue how to do it :frowning: @episod the link @ednei_aresco gave me will this work or not??


dont suppose there is any generators to input my details to creat a button is there??


No, the Tweet Button won’t help you create a service that authorizes an end user and then uploads a profile banner on their behalf.

Creating a service like this will require a bit of work. Is there a programming language that you prefer over others? You will need to do some server-side programming to accomplish this no matter what. You’ll need to learn how to perform the OAuth token negotiation “dance” and then you’ll need to learn to perform a multipart POST to upload the image on behalf of the user. More on: [node:3240].

The “button” part of this is the simplest part of it all but also the last thing you need to figure out how to accomplish.

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